Very satisfied repeat customer

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Vince & Sarah rebuilt a rather unusual antique family rocking chair, including helping us select the material for coverings, and refinishing and gluing the wooden pieces back together. The transformation from a pile of pieces into a piece of art was phenomenal. We went back to ViVi to have them replace the 5 unique cushions from our cottage bench seat, overlooking the lake. Sarah helped us select material that complimented the existing décor (something my wife and I have a difficult time doing), but was also robust enough to handle the inevitable wet dog and sandy shoes. The cushions are a perfect fit (we supplied a template, at ViVi's request, in addition to the originals, and some photos of the room), the seams are beautiful, they look great, and are comfortable. We regret having waited so long to make this change, but do not regret letting ViVi show us what they can do. ViVi are now rebuilding a chair my father designed while studying at OCAD, in the mid 1950's. I'm looking forward to having to decide where to put it.