What Makes ViVi Upholstery Stand Out

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What Makes ViVi Upholstery Stand Out

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About ViVi Upholstery

We’re upholsterers and manufacturers of fine furniture that provide you with top-notch residential and hospitality upholstery services across North York, Toronto, GTA and the surrounding areas. We are always looking to build more relationships with new industries.

With over forty-two years of experience, our upholsterers strive to provide excellent services so that our clients can benefit from our choice in fabrics and styles. We continue to work on a bench and do not follow the concept of mass production here.

Our plant size is approximately 6000 square feet and is open from 8 am to 4.30 pm. Our showroom is open from 9 am to 5.30 pm. Apart from the showroom, we offer our clients mobile business as well as web-based business.

Despite having over forty-two of experience, we are still in a state of growth and are constantly changing with new technologies, trends, and tastes.

The ViVi Upholstery Difference

What makes us stand out is that we are still artisans in our field. If you visit our plant, you will find one upholsterer working from a bench, springing, coiling and hammering those decorative nails one by one giving you precision, elegance, and durability. We do no mass production. With our team’s fantastic attention to detail and materials, we bring to you quality and a price that you can trust.

This aspect puts us ahead of our competitors and is what makes us most very proud of our business and our team as we all collaborate to produce a product that you can not only trust, but be proud of as well. Customers understand this and choose to do business with us because of our the high quality of our service and products which are available at the right price.

One of our most noteworthy achievements to date has been the reupholstering work we completed at Billy Bishop Airport.

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