Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Furniture

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Nothing beats the comfort of sinking into a sofa after a tiring day at work or just laying on your couch at catching your favourite show on television. However, when it comes to buying furniture, clients are always second guessing their choices and end up settling for cheaper options that they aren’t thrilled with.

At ViVi Upholstery, we offer the best deals and services that will ensure your happiness. To help you get the most durable and comfortable furniture, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about buying furniture.

1. Can I get a better price?

At ViVi Upholstery we want every customer to walk away as a happy customer. Therefore, our pricing is competitive for the quality that you are going to receive.

2. What customization features are available?

We have several options available to our customers. You can customize the dimensions of your furniture to fit the space in your room, i.e., make your sofa longer than standard, and your seating deeper and comfier. We can add tufting and nail-heads, also provide different finishes.

3. Does customizing cost me more money?

Customizing is a little extra because of the additional materials we need to purchase. We will always arrive at a price that is within our customer's budget.

4. How was the furniture made?

All our frames are solid Maple. All our furniture is made at our location. Our factory has over a hundred years of combined experience. All our finishes are non-toxic, and our products are industry certified.

5. Do you deliver, and how long will it take before I receive my furniture?

We do provide delivery services, and the cost is dependent on location and the size of your purchase. In several cases, our delivery fees are waived. We call all our customers and arrange a delivery time which is convenient for them. We do tell all our customers that custom orders require a time frame of six to eight weeks. If the order is going to take longer then the customer is notified immediately.

6. Why should I buy from you? Or what's in it for me as a customer?

We are a family business, and we like to make all our customers feel as if they are part of our family. We welcome them with the best customer service. We provide the best quality at the right price. We ensure that every experience is a win-win situation.

7. Can you remove or move my old furniture?

We do our best in all situations. Let us know in advance so that we can discuss this with our delivery people.

If you have any more questions about buying furniture, get in touch with the experts at ViVi Upholstery. With over forty years of experience in the furniture manufacturing industry, we are the best custom upholstery services in North York, Toronto, GTA and surrounding areas. We can tailor our upholstery service to meet all your needs irrespective of whether they are for a residential home or a commercial space. To learn more about how we can help you, please click hereor contact us by clicking here.